Is Trump the reason for a more aggressive FED? Also, the brilliant government in Venezuela is arresting bakers and has decided to make standing in breadlines illegal!

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The Federal Reserve raised interest rates for the 3rd time in 10 years at its March meeting. Most of the “experts” out there didn’t expect this rate hike until the week before!  Janet Yellen is more aggressive to raise interest rates simply because Trump is now the fall guy. Trump from his tweets has taken ownership of this economy from the political perspective. Meanwhile in Venezuela, things are getting worse…People are standing in bread lines and the government has decided to make standing in breadlines illegal! And they’re arresting bakers for overpriced bread! Yes, the insanity continues!

The victim mentality in society today is out of control and the first jobs number of the Trump presidency is released!

People are upset with what I had to say in regards to Indian reservations and capitalism. People today like to see themselves as victims. Once you see yourself as a victim you have already lost!  You have the power to change your thinking at any time … [Continue reading]

Trump addresses Congress and it sounds like we’re going from Obamacare to Trumpcare!?

Trump addressed Congress for the first time and his speech had a very nationalistic and police state sort of vibe to it. The republicans that were against a big government when Obama was in office, now seem to be falling behind their leader … [Continue reading]

The curse that is the PC police and Government Welfare! If you’re a snowflake or are offended easily please DON’T listen to this episode!

A local radio host at KCTR in Montana, Paul Mushaben, was taken out by the politically correct culture that’s overwhelming the politics of today! He has been indefinably suspended for pointing out the property destruction that has taken place when … [Continue reading]

How much bigger will this bubble get in the Stock Market? And flying drone taxis in Dubai by this summer!

The stock market continues to hit record highs and the Dow is nearing in on its next target, a 21,000 point DOW. How much more will the markets go up before the big crash? That’s something hard to predict but gold and silver have also been on the … [Continue reading]