The Deflationary Death Spiral! Should it be feared???

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Many people are fearing deflation but is this really something to be feared?  Not at all!  If we had an unhampered, free market deflation would naturally occur in the economy!  We would have slowly falling prices because we are more productive and at the same time, real wages are rising!  Today, real wages are falling and the Federal Reserve is slowly eating away our purchasing power via inflation! The deflationary death spiral is a myth and can never happen. Only when government gets involved can a great depression like scenario occur.

The top 1% pay a 27.1% effective tax rate, while the bottom 50% pay an effective tax rate of 3.3%. And Hillary Clinton says the “rich” don’t pay their fair share!

Hillary says the rich don’t pay their fair share and she wants to go where the money is! Where is most of the money at?  The majority of people are in the “middle class!” The dirty little secret is that Hillary will tax the middle class to get … [Continue reading]