The Contra Cruise with Tom Woods and Bob Murphy! Also, how to get across the Libertarian message!

I recently got back from the Contra Cruise that was hosted by Tom Woods and Bob Murphy. The Contra Cruise was phenomenal and it was such a great group of libertarians to connect with. What came up often amongst the group was a question of messaging and converting people to libertarian ideas. What is the best way to do this? The last part of this episode, I have a few answers.

Interview with Doug Casey on the coming Economic Collapse, investing in gold and his new book, “Speculator!”

Doug Casey talks about the economy and he sees the inevitable is now imminent! What’s coming in the economy won’t be just economic but it will also be social, political and military! Doug talks about how to invest in a gold mine and what to look for. … [Continue reading]

The FED doesn’t raise interest rates and Steve Eiseman from “The Big Short” talks about another big short!

The FED didn’t raise interest rates in September and this comes as no surprise to any listener of this show. Raising interest rates right before a presidential election is extremely improbable and our economy is not as strong as the “experts” … [Continue reading]